Runtime Error At 1 0 Cannot Import Expandconstant




. Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/Users/User/Desktop/Programming/Developing/C++/ExpandTemp.cpp", line 2, in from main import * ImportError: cannot import name '*' A: You can't use the * operator with the from main import * syntax. Instead, use from main import * as x, y, z, or import x, y, z if the variables are local to main. One other note, if your imports are going to be local variables, and the imports are only used in the one module, then you can use as, with the as keyword. However, the use of as should be avoided for clarity reasons. so it's really that it just gets a bunch of emails and if it's something that's going to take up a lot of my time I'll just do it. 00:36:53.656 --> 00:36:55.456 A:middle Otherwise, like for example, like 00:36:55.456 --> 00:36:56.996 A:middle EmberObservable, it only has 00:36:56.996 --> 00:36:58.896 A:middle one method. It has an action called 00:36:58.896 --> 00:37:00.586 A:middle observe that takes in some object 00:37:00.586 --> 00:37:01.426 A:middle as an argument. 00:37:02.656 --> 00:37:03.996 A:middle Now, as I was saying before, 00:37:03.996 --> 00:37:06.146 A:middle it has these familiar methods 00:37:06.146 --> 00:37:08.296 A:middle like observe and notify that take 00:37:08.296 --> 00:37:09.796 A:middle in an object of some kind. 00:37:10.426 --> 00:37:13.146 A:middle However, because these are a 00:37



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Runtime Error At 1 0 Cannot Import Expandconstant

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